Live, Dream, Grow

Navigate through life changes with Serenity

“Nothing is permanent. Everything is subject to change. Being is always Becoming”

Changes are part of life and are unavoidable. Difficult to manage at time, they bring your energy level down, you feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the amount of tasks to accomplish and making choices becomes harder. All of this generates an underlying feeling of anxiety and stress which creates a wall between you and your goals, shutting down your creativity and you end up feeling unfulfilled in your endeavors.

You wish to

Regain a sense of energy and enthusiasm
Reconnect with your full potential, your emotions and desires
Recreate a fulfilling life for you and your family
Give meaning to what you do
Feel aware of your surroundings 
I want to better manage changes

For an Inspired and Sparkly Life

When I was a little girl, my secret dream was to live in Asia. I have no idea what initiated it but I was fortunate enough to make it come true. I have spent a big part of my life in India, Malaysia and Singapore. It is in India that I gave birth to my first son. This country made me feel like I was on a roller coaster. I learned so much about myself and it is where I started to practice Yoga and meditation. A few months after my baby’s birth, I moved to Singapore while my husband worked in Malaysia where I joined him a few months later. 
Malaysia has a special place in my heart :
  • I met some  wonderful women that are still part of my life today.
  • It is where my love for Taekwondo was ignited
  • It is the birth place of our 2 other beautiful sons.
A few years later we moved to Singapore, important change for our family as it was the place my husband had called home when he was only 2. It is where I grew with a purpose the most : I had goals that I could fulfill, so much is available in such a small place. I learned Meditation and worked hard studying and practicing Taekwondo : I became coach, champion in combat in my category and my children followed in my footsteps : they are all black belt. I had the opportunity to be part of the movie Equals thanks to a wonderful friend of mine where we demonstrated our talent for Tai Chi. After experimenting Reiki, I I studied to become Reiki Master which brought me to be interviewed on a national radio program. It is by chance that I met a lady who introduced me to the essential oils Young Living. She became a friend, introduced me to incredible women with whom I still talk today. I loved the products so much that I trained in Aromatherapy through a french school and became a Young Living independent distributor. Leaving Asia to go back to Europe was not an easy move, but again, it helped me to become who I am today. I love what I do, I learn and grow everyday. I have not always chosen the easiest path but the outcome is so rewarding.
I want to better manage changes

Muriel is my go-to guru for all things calming and spiritual. She has a wealth of knowledge about essential oils and is incredibly helpful with suggestions on how they can help with health, diet, mood and energy. She is always sharing her experiences and ideas. Her positive outlook on life, her encouragement and her enthusiasm for what she does is just magic